Instantly connect with customers everywhere

Bridge the gap from physical to digital with Ringpin's platform of QR codes and personalized links. Now you can instantly reach offline or online customers over any channel - video, phone, text or chat!


Let customers video chat with you instantly, from anywhere, on any device!

  • Qrjontest
    Physical products and places

    Put a Ringpin code on any product, package, or physical location to allow customers to instantly be in a video call with your team.

  • Allsocialmedia
    Links for social media

    Add a Ringpin link to your bio on any social media app or drop in the comments anywhere:

  • Website
    Website Widget

    Customers active on your site can click the Ringpin widget to immediately get in touch on the channel of their choice.

Give customers what they want, where they want it, when they want it!

We integrate with everything! So if you can link to it, you can offer it through your Ringpin:

  • Instant Video Calls
  • Shopping and payments
  • Email/Text/Social Signups
  • Communications (video, voice, text, chat, and even fax)
  • Discounts and Rewards
  • Quizzes, menus and more
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We love our customers and we're so happy it's mutual!

We eat our own dog food and our customers love instantly reaching us on any channel through our Ringpin code. Don't believe us, try it!

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Meet Ringpin

Special thanks to the super creative Ryan Parker for putting this together!

Simple and flexible QR platform with all channels of communication

One click integrations to all existing product pages, social profiles and applications make it easy to sell more and increase your following.
  • Customers Communicate

    • Voice
    • Video
    • Text
    • Chat
    • Collaboration Rooms
    • Fax (don't laugh)
    • QR Codes
  • Remote Agents Respond

    • All-in-one simple platform
    • Anywhere from any device
    • Quick access to call recordings and transcriptions
    • Omnichannel Availability
  • Management Loves

    • Keeping team and customers safe
    • Call Recordings and Advanced Analytics
    • Agent Scorecards w/ Sentiment Analysis
    • Call Center Tools Like Listen, Whisper and Barge
Runs on Unicorn Platform